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Naturopath & Coach



Integrated Health Care



Wholistic Bodywork



Reiki Therapist 

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 Michelle F

Holistic Kinesiology

Sports Kinesiology 


Feldenkrais Instructor 



Pranic Healing


Jenni Blair

Yoga Teacher

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Michelle D

Yoga Teacher

Ben Gadd


Steph Collis

Heart Power Meditation


Advanced EFT Practitioner






Meet the Vinaka Wellbeing Team


Rebel Lorenz 

Director, Naturopath, Coach

Naturopath, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer

Rebel is a highly qualified professional with the ability to develop strong one-on-one coaching relationships with her clients. She utilises her resources to assist clients to more effectively achieve their objectives. Her services empower individuals and organisations to reap the benefits of motivation, increased productivity, and improved team relations, personal and customer satisfaction.


Her highly effective presentations are results driven with participants reporting improvements in not only career objectives but also in the areas of health, relationships and family. Rebel delivers one-on-one coaching and consultations, and group presentations. She combines the best of the field of counselling with NLP based coaching to deliver unique, client centred, wholistic consultations—empowering the client with health, life and change management skills.


She is committed to adding value to people’s lives with a fresh, inspiring approach. Her presentations are tailored to suit the audience and to inspire them to tap into their full capabilities.


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Michelle Fairweather

Sports & Holistic Kinesiology

Dip Sports Kinesiology

Michelle graduated with a diploma in Holistic Kinesiology in 1997 from the Kinesiology School of Energetic Sciences.She graduated in the first group of students to ever have a professional qualification in this field and now lectures in Kinesiology at the College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) in Melbourne.


After taking a break from professional practice, and beginning a family, Michelle has returned once again to formal study and is in the final stages of completing a diploma in Sports Kinesiology at CCM, giving Michelle the ability to develop; with her clients; exercise and lifestyle changes that will enable them to achieve their goals, whether it be weight loss, gaining confidence, physical fitness, or regaining strength and function after injury or illness.


A session with Michelle integrates techniques from both Holistic and Sports Kinesiology, resulting in lasting emotional and physical changes, empowering you on your journey – whatever you want to achieve.


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Tahnee Woolf

Feldenkrais Teacher

Awareness Through Movement - Australian Feldenkrais Guild


Feldenkrais Teacher Tahnee brings great energy, creativity and insight to her Feldenkrais classes. This comes from her unique background, which includes travelling the world studying foreign languages, working as a corporate lawyer, studying international law on scholarship at Oxford University... and working as a comedy screenwriter in London!

Tahnee discovered the Feldenkrais Method while recovering from years of debilitating chronic back pain which had slowly left her crippled. Through Feldenkrais Tahnee re-learnt how to use her body in an effortless and pain-free way. She now has her life back and moves through the world in a gentler, calmer, more fully embodied way. 

Being so passionate about how Feldenkrais transformed her life, Tahnee took on the 4 year training program to become a practitioner. Through her own experiences with chronic pain, Tahnee has the gift of compassion and empathy. This makes her Feldenkrais classes not only fun and inspiring but also very safe and nurturing.

Tahnee is excited to be sharing this remarkable and life-changing method with the clients and friends of Vinaka Wellbeing!


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Suzie Szabo

Pranic Healer, Energy Therapist & Meditation


For most of her working life Suzie worked at an Executive level in Sales, Marketing, Account Management and Executive Assistant to Company Directors. Knowing the high levels of stress and the physical, mental and emotional strains that come with working at this level, she began Pranic Energy Therapy 4 years ago.


Suzie continues to study Pranic Healing and also practices Arhatic Yoga; synthesizing different types of Yoga and meditation.  She uses this to consistently build and develop her own energy.


As a result of using Pranic Energy Therapy techniques on herself daily, Suzie enjoys excellent health; and overall she is happy and content in her life. 


Suzie has experience first hand the positive results that this powerful modality can bring about and is fully dedicated to helping others who are ready to regain and maintain their physical, mental and emotional balance for continuous wellbeing.


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Ian Niven

Chiropractor, Integrated Health Care

Bach Applied Sci (Chiropractic), Applied Kinesiology, Counselling


Ian has been working with people to achieve wellness naturally for over 20 years.

His broad base of knowledge allows him to provide people with support and advice for many different complaints - both physical, mental and emotional.


Methods used by Dr Niven range from gentle tapping and muscle relaxation to firm release of heavily contracted tissues according to individual needs. Adjustments are done when diagnostically indicated and agreed to and may be very gentle or firm according to each person’s needs. 


As part of a comprehensive health care program, these techniques benefit all who need them ranging from the very young to the very old.  Treatments vary with the individual. Every client presents a uniquely different spinal pattern therefore each client’s problem is evaluated and an indivudual treatment plan is developed.


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Michelle Date

Yoga Teacher 

Michelle has 10 years experience teaching specialist Yoga classes. She has trained in the tradition of T.K.V Desikachar, and holds a Bachelor of Health Science and a Diploma of Advanced Somatics (Zapchen).

Zapchen Somatics as taught by Dr Julie Henderson is a lineage that combines the traditions of Somatics (what it means to be embodied and aware) with Tibetan Buddhism. In the last ten years Michelle has taught her Zapchen style of yoga to individuals with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Stress, Illness and Injury.

Michelle teaches public group classes, private one on one sessions, workshops and Yoga Retreats. Michelle is also the coordinator of the 2008 Australian Zapchen Somatics Training. (see Zapchen Australia website)
She approaches living from the perspective that it is always possible to enhance wellbeing.  She teaches techniques to free the body, relax the mind and open the heart.

Michelle's teachings offer an opportunity to transform old habits of mind and to uncover our essential nature... spontaneously arising joy!  


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Jenni Blair

Yoga Teacher

Jennifer has been a practitioner of yoga for over twenty years. She now teaches yoga full time. She is strongly aware of adapting asanas (yoga postures) to suit all body types, ages and levels of fitness.

Her dedication to yoga practise is reflected in her continued learning through maintaining her own practice with a range of teachers, in particular in Iyengar and Shadow styles, and with her participation in workshops both interstate and overseas.

Jennifer holds a Diploma of Health in Yoga accredited by the C.A.E.


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Rod Sherwin

EFT Coach 

Rod Sherwin is a genius EFT Practitioner who transforms lives in just a few sessions. Rod offers you a practical, effective, and guaranteed alternative to counselling, therapy, and more! With over 8 years experience, Rod delivers EFT with genius artistry combining genuine warmth, respect, and his irreverant sense of humour.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of 'emotional acupressure' that uses gentle tapping on meridian points to clear emotional issues and physical ailments. EFT is fast becoming the world's #1 healing modality often getting results when nothing else has worked. EFT has achieved spectacular results in thousands of clinical cases treating Pain Management, Addictions, Weight loss, Allergies, Children's Issues, Animals, Vision, Headaches, Panic/Anxiety, Asthma, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Depression, Dyslexia, Carpal Tunnel, Anger, ADD-ADHD, Fears/phobias, Eating disorders, OCD, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Fear of Flying, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Anorexia/Bulimia, Sports and other Performance.

From your first session, you will have the basics of EFT at your fingertips. EFT is a tool that you learn for the rest of your life. The basics of EFT are simple to learn and self-apply. You pay an EFT Practitioner like Rod for their skill and approach in getting to core issues. There is an 'art of delivery' to EFT making it as gentle, tearless and painless as possible.

Working with Rod, you will achieve results in a few sessions that make take years with conventional therapies. Save yourself time and money and get started with EFT today.

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Nisha Gill

Wholistic Bodywork


Nisha’s background in Eastern and Western approaches to health have led her to embrace a truly wholistic model for wellness. It is her belief that vitality and harmony on all levels is our natural state, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Her experience is that dis-ease’ on one level will often manifest on another, particularly when underlying issues are left unresolved. Nisha’s passion is to empower others in finding their own strength, inner beauty and sense of wholeness by re-visiting a place of wellbeing through sessions, and by accessing tools such as meditation and breathwork which are inherently at their disposal. The ancient philosophy that underpins Hawaiian bodywork has also been a strong influence in her work with clients given its simplicity and universal appeal.


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Ben Gadd


BA (Hons), BSc (Homeopathic Medicine), Dip HE, RN


Homeopathy is the second most widely used therapeutic modality in the world today, and is widely practiced in the UK and Europe, India, and South America.


Ben came to homeopathy after working as a psychiatric nurse, and looking for a more natural, gentle, and holistic way of improving people’s health. He was appealed by homeopathy’s focus on addressing the underlying causes of disease, rather than merely treating symptoms, and also the focus on using the smallest dose of a medicine, hence avoiding the sometimes toxic side effects of pharmaceutical drugs (homeopathy is used safely with babies and pregnant women).


Ben trained at the College of Homeopathy in London. He has a strong interest in the link between mental and emotional states, and physical ill-health. He teaches homeopathy at the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine (Melbourne Campus).



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Steph Collis

Heart Power Meditation 


Steph has been working with Sandra and Daniel, the founders of the evolutionary HeartPower program, since she was 19 and has been working The Heartpower Process intensely for the duration. Steph has a Bachelor of Arts specialising / majoring in Psychology and Criminology.


Steph has done numerous private mentor sessions and worked with myriad people- ranging from children, general public and professionals.  She is passionate about personal development and is committed to help people reach their full potential and become all they can be.  


As a former elite athlete and coach Steph is experienced in teaching and combined with her academic background is able to teach children and adults of all ages, skills to enhance their experience of life.  In a one on one setting, Steph will guide you to identify the personality program that is negatively impacting your life, reprogram the issue, and give you an Attunement of the Integrated Wholeness energy.  


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Gail Hislop

Reiki came into my life ten years ago, when a deeply spiritual friend who had just begun practicing it, used it’s healing energy to help me through a dark and painful time in my life.  I had never heard of it before and did not truly understand at the time how it worked, but I liked what it did for me and how it felt.

She also opened my eyes, my mind and my soul to a world I had not really been exposed to before. A world of spirituality, clairvoyance, ‘New Age’ thinking and beliefs, alternative healing and medicine, Angels and spirit guides, connecting with one’s Higher self and looking beyond the realm of the logical mind and being open to the mysteries and wonders of the Universe.

It started me off on a journey of discovery into all these things, changing how I approached the world and myself.  Along the way I learnt a lot, most importantly that if I emersed myself in these things and kept connected to the Universe and my spiritual side that I was healthier and happier.

I had wanted to learn Reiki from the time I had first experience it, mostly for it’s self healing benefits, as I was finding myself experiencing physical pain and health issues more frequently as I got older.  The right time presented itself in 2007 when I found the Reiki Master I wanted learn from; the exceptional Martine Salerno.
I attended Reiki I Level classes with Martine in September of that year and whilst the health benefits and further expansion of my spiritual knowledge and the awareness I gained from it were immediate and wonderful, I realised that I wanted to continue beyond that level.

I wanted to be able to work with this wonderful energy of love and light, as a practitioner, and give this gift of healing to others, to help them find relief from physical or emotional pain, to bring peace and calm into their beings and their spirits to rejuvenate and uplift or provide much needed nurturing. I had found something that made me feel fulfilled, uplifted and fed my soul.

I completed my Reiki II Level classes and had the attunements in December 2007, which then qualified me to practice and I consider it a privilege to now be able to do Reiki energy healing as my chosen field of work.  I look forward to being a part of the Vinaka Wellbeing team of natural therapists.



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