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Reiki is a sacred and ancient hands-on energy healing therapy, brought to the Western world from Japan in the 1940’s and only now starting to gain popularity and awareness as a natural healing modality.  The words ‘rei’ and ‘ki’ mean in Japanese, ‘transcendental spirit’ and ‘light and energy’.

During training with their Reiki Master teacher, practitioners have received attunements to their vibrational energy, that allow them to act as a channel for the powerful Universal life energy of love and light.  When doing a treatment, the Reiki energy flows through the therapist and into the deepest levels of the being of the recipient.

Reiki works in conjunction with the body’s chakra energy system, which is extremely important to maintaining good health and physical, emotional and mental well-being.  If these energy centres are blocked, out of balance or are holding on to negative, stagnant energies and toxins, we become sick, suffer with pain, feel fatigued or emotionally imbalanced.

Reiki assists with shifting and bringing to the surface any blockages in the chakras, thereby ensuring a good flow of energy through the body.  It goes to wherever it is needed most in the recipient’s body, their mind or spirit helping accelerate it’s own ability to heal and rejuvenate.

A Reiki healing treatment is very gentle; a deeply relaxing, non-invasive and nurturing experience.  It involves no physical manipulation of muscle or body, just the gentle placement of the therapist’s hands on the major and minor chakra areas of the recipient’s body and around their head for several minutes at a time, which often produces a warm, comforting sensation as the energy flows into them.
A healing session will generally result in any of the following benefits:

    * A feeling of peace and calm
    * Renewed or increased energy
    * Relief of pain
    * Reduced stress levels
    * Revitalisation, rejuvenation and balance in the body, mind and spirit
    * Assistance in the healing and recovery from illness or surgery


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