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ImageThe Twin Hearts Meditation is a simple, beautiful and powerful meditation for inner and planetary peace, illumination and prosperity.  It activates two major energy centers.  The heart center is the seat of refined emotions and when activated promotes inner peace - without which global peace is ellusive.  The crown center is the seat of divine love, and when activated is a poweful entry point for spiritual energy, necessary for healing the earth and yourself.

Recent medical studies in USA have shown a notable increase (up to 300%) in plasma melatonin following the Twin Hears meditation.  This significant finding suggests the important implications of this meditation on longevity, stress reduction, sleep wake cycle, anti-cancer and personal development.  This approach is not only producing dramatic results in specific areas of consiousness; it is forming the basis for a new perspective on medicine and healing

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is the modern founder of Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and has purposely crated the Twin Hearts meditation.  He is a scientist, philanthropist, internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and author oand a businessman.

"As one who has meditated for many years, I am aware of the enormous value of meditation at an individual and collective level for emotional health and to produce a caring and generative community.  I hope people from all walks of life will attend the Twin Hearts meditation."
              Dr Bob Moodie, CEO of Vic Health
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